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Buckhead Business Fuel
June 25th 2019 @ 7:30am to June 25th 2019 @ 10:00am
Buckhead Club, 3344 Peachtree Road N.E. Suite 2600 Atlanta, GA 30326
Business Fuel is a peer advisory board that provides coaching, connections, and strategic advice for C-level executives. By using shared wisdom and business guidance, business leaders can utilize the expertise of others to diversify, invest, and build upon opportunities.

The Business Fuel Groups consist of C-suite executives who fit the criteria of managing ten or more employees and are generating a total revenue of more than two million dollars yearly. Our team will, under conditions of strict confidentiality, vet members by inviting them to a one-on-one interview. Every member will be asked to provide a business plan that reflects these criteria as a requirement for membership in the group. Part of the reason for requesting the business plan is that new members entering the group will be asked to present to the group a synopsis of their business plan as part of their onboarding process.

As a Business Fuel member, you will receive the following benefits:
A three-hour peer-to-peer advisory board that meets once a month. This group will be limited to 12 members.
Access to the My Achievement Dashboard to track your coaching, goals, actions, behaviors, and accountability.
Two one hour sessions of one-on-one coaching with a member of the Nexpert Coaching? community. The Nexpert Coaches are fully vetted business coaches who are experts in one to two areas.
You will have an accountability call once a month for 20 to 30 minutes with your peer advisory board facilitator. This is a one-on-one session, and the call is tracked on your My Achievement Dashboard.

Why join a Business Fuel Group?
When you are a C-Level executive or a rapidly growing entrepreneur, it can be a very lonely position. Everyone comes to you for answers, and there are few people with whom you can share your daily business challenges. Your partners or family members are not always the right sounding board for your ideas. The best help would come from the advice of others who are on the same journey and encountering some of the same challenges. You are seeking ways to discuss ideas and challenges without judgment or the clutter of every detail getting in the way. You need a group to help you with accountability for the behaviors and actions that will bring your goals and dreams to fruition. When you are seeking that group of trusted advisors who will help guide you on the journey to success, the Business Fuel Program is the answer.

What makes the Business Fuel Program different?
The two major differences between the Business Fuel program and other peer advisory boards is the Nexpert Coaching program and our technology. Our team has assembled over 30 expert coaches form a variety of backgrounds to support our clients. This network of specialized coaches allows you to face challenges with expert advice at the right time. Each Nexpert Coach is an expert in one or two areas of specialization. The facilitator of the group is not the business coach, and you are not stuck with a business generalist that feels they have the answer for everything. With our Business Fuel Program, you can switch from coach to coach as your business challenges change over time. We have segmented our Nexpert Coaching Community into over 130 areas of expertise that will deliver the exact coaching and consulting you need to build the business of your dreams. All of the coaching sessions are provided through a video-based platform and are backed up with through our dashboard.

My Achievement Dashboard is our technology platform that you will use to track your progress and success. This dashboard will allow you to track all of your coaching sessions, actions, behaviors, goals, and accountability. The My Achievement Dashboard is accessible on any device that has a wireless connection. Our dashboard is mobile ready, and you can track each action and session at a time and location that works for your schedule and lifestyle.
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